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Most of the website project we work on require images.

We often get requests to find images on the internet and add them to our customer's projects, we refuse to do this as you can actually run into major photo copyright infringement issues by going this route.

Images obtained without permission online can get you into a heap of trouble. It is not uncommon for companies to sue other websites for using these images.

Therefore we provide three different options for clients who need images for their projects.

  1. Images are supplied by the client.
    In this case, we will modify them and upload them to the site. We cannot be held responsible for any licencing, ownership or copyright issues related to images that are provided by our clients.
  2. We supply images for the project.
    All images supplied by us are licenced for the protection and the licencing is kept on record for future reference should any issues regarding licencing, ownership or copyright com up.
  3. A professional photography service can be supplied.
    We have professional photography packages that can be included in any project. Images were taken by our photographers can be used by the client for any promotional purpose.