In the closing weeks of 2021, SoFrogger closed their website hosting, and all of the websites were moved over Clientology's Webticky Hosting. 

Your SoFroger Hosting 

All of SoFroggers clients Webhosting subscriptions expired before 27/01/2022, and the server went offline on 07/02/2022.

Your Webticky Hosting

Your site was migrated onto the Webticky hosting server and made ready to go live. However, two things were required for your website to smoothly transition from the SoFrogger hosting to the Webticky hosting.

  • A Webticky Hosting Subscription

Your SoFrogger web hosting subscription expired in 2021 and was not renewed by Sofrogger because they were not offering to host past December 2021

An invoice was raised for your Webticky Webhosting and sent to you on 13/01/2022

(Please search your inbox for a copy of this invoice)

  • Your domain has to be pointed to your new hosting & Webticky.
  • Once your subscription has been activated, we will get your domain pointed to your website hosting. 

What you can do from here:

  • Check your email inbox for an invoice from "Clientology"; your payment of this invoice will activate your hosting. 
  • Lodge a Support Ticket to get help or ask any questions regarding your new hosting.

How much?

We created a new suite of packages to cater for the SoFrogger customers that we inherited. Your new hosting reflects the charges you were paying with SoFrogger, the new service package you receive with this hosting exceed the service perimeters within your SoFrogger contact.