Occasionally, we will need to access your PC to provide remote support. It's cheaper and much faster than sending someone to your office to attend to a small issue.

We use Anydesk to access your computers and devices. It's secure, and we need your permission before we can access anything on your devices.

If you need remote support, here are the steps you can take.

  1. Let's see if you already have any desks installed.

  2. Use the search feature in your bottom toolbar and enter "anydesk"
  3. If it is installed, you can move on to step 7. If it's not installed...
  4. Browse to anydesk.com
  5. Select "Download Now"
  6. Open the download to instal, or find "anydesk" the downloaded file in "Downloads."

    Follow the prompts to install Anydesk.
  7. Open Anydesk

  8. Send Your Anydesk Address to us
    If you don't have a number or email address for your rep, you can be sent it to support@clientology.com.au by text or WhatsApp to +61404038271